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on October 9, 2013

Let’s keep talking and dispelling the myths….

Firefly: Light in the Dark


Whilst working in Mental Health Services I have come across many misconceptions, so I though I’d address a few of them here:

Schizophrenics have split personalities

No. People with Multiple Personality Disorder have different personalities. People with schizophrenia don’t. They may hear voices in their head (auditory hallucinations) but they generally don’t feel that these voices belong to them. They also may see things which don’t exist (visual hallucinations) or have disordered thinking (delusions).

All mental health patients are violent and dangerous

The huge majority of people with mental health problems are at much higher risk of hurting themselves than others. Most of the patients I’ve worked with have been wonderfully compassionate towards others.

People with depression can snap out of it

Trust me- if we could we would. Depression isn’t just sadness. It’s not ‘my boyfriend dumped me now I’m depressed’. It’s seemingly endless pain, suffering, numbness and guilt…

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