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on September 23, 2014

Last night I went for a run, and – drumroll….. – I didn’t die! Hooray!

Let me explain. Before summer, a friend and I signed up to do a 5km funrun in aid of Bliss (a charity for babies born too soon, too small, too sick). Bliss were of huge support to us when we had MiniMe, and were great when my friend’s little girl was born poorly, so we decided to bite the bullet and enter.

Now, I haven’t run since before we even needed Bliss, which makes it over six years. I used to run a lot when I was at college, but it’s a lot different when you only weigh ninety pounds and are surviving only on apples and coffee. Anorexic me ran purely on adrenaline. I tried every so often once I was a grown up, but never quite got into it again. Still, I thought, 5k can’t be that bad, and I’d have a good three months to work up to it.

Then came the unfortunate, untimely breakdown, and the idea of running, well, it ran out of my head. Once my brain was back in order, there came the realisation that I had three weeks.THREE WEEKS. So out I went, and I ran.

It turns out running provides a lot of headspace. I’m not one to listen to music or use an app, so I don’t have headphones in to distract me. I just got out there and ran, getting into a rhythm of pounding and breathing and thinking. It’s the perfect sport for this busy mum. There is something so precious about being out alone with no responsibility for anyone else. No human mess wiping (nose or other), no homework overseeing, no keeping small people fed and watered in order to avoid the sugar dip arguments requiring complex conflict resolution. Just being able to cover some ground without a small person hanging on one’s leg is a luxury. It’s an opportunity to get away from all distractions; all the insignificant little things that seem to rule my day are blown out of my hair by the wind (ok, slight breeze – my running would probably be more accurately termed – finger air quotes – “running”). I have, it would seem, found a new hobby.

So, despite only having three weeks of training time, the long and short of it is that I did it! I completed a 5km sponsored run in a personal best time of 48 minutes (don’t laugh) with no need for any stops or emergency interventions (I had visions of being stretchered off the field, a soggy mess of embarrassment). And here’s the proof:


Just in case you want to sponsor me, you can go to Just Giving.

And just in case you want to know why sponsoring me is worth it, here’s a MiniMe before and after:




One response to “Running

  1. subversivite says:

    Well done – I’m seriously impressed! (Both by the 5K acheivement and by this post.) Those photos also speak for themselves – ‘Mini me’ is gorgeous.

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