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on February 10, 2016

I sort of wish this wasn’t the first word in the‘s photo (blog) a day challenge, because when I look down the list I see also sorts of words I want to get my teeth into, and not much inspiration regarding gathering.

I mean, gather what? Crops? Elastic in too-big trousers belonging to my skinny MiniMe? The innumerable Lego bricks on the floor waiting to attack my feet when I least expect it?

When I think of the word ‘gather’, I think ‘collect’. I collect books I’m probably never going to read, kitchen utensils that seem like a good idea at the time, and dust balls behind furniture I’m too lazy to move and hoover behind. CableGuy’s collections include all things cycle related, drill bits, and – obviously – cables. MiniMe collects anything that could be described as sparkly tat, particularly of the yellow variety, and MicroBob collects…..

Actually, MicroBob doesn’t really collect ‘stuff’ at all. He has his special few toys, and his special few books, and his special few friends, and he keeps them close.

I wonder if her hasn’t got a much better grasp on gathering than the rest of us. Gather in what’s important, and don’t let it be threatened by all that is outside, waiting to detract us from what really matters.

Find out what matters most and gather it close. This endeth today’s lesson.


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