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on February 11, 2016

This is a difficult day for me to talk about voice, because today it feels like my voice will be trampled over before it is even heard.

Here’s the context. I live on a small residential street, and my children’s primary school, which has only 200 children, is just along the road. I walk there every morning. Yesterday, news was released that there would be some changes. We will be turfed out of our building to make space for a special school, we will be forced to move into a new building and double our intake, and we will be sharing the not-very-big piece of ground with a brand new, 1500 pupil secondary school. All of this is supposed to happen in the next eighteen months.

It has been branded as a fait accompli – this will be happening, and everyone is supposed to be very excited about it. There has been no consultation, no plans submitted, and no suggestion of how our little estate will handle the traffic generated by transporting 2000 kids to school.

The worst thing is that no-one found out about it until the powers that be thought it was in the bag. And when I say no-one, I mean no-one – not the staff of the school, not the governing body, not our local councillors. It was all a complete surprise, timed very carefully to be press-released late at night, just before half term when parents can’t gather their forces.

I’m aware that this post sounds like a stream of frustrated consciousness, and I’m not going to apologise for it. I’m angry as hell right now. Because I live here, it’s on my doorstep, it’s my kids school, and no-one thought to ask me. No-one even wanted to hear my voice.

Well they will hear it now. Loud and long, and not just mine. We are going to shout it from the roof tops. I will make my voice make a difference.

I guess it’s about deciding what is worth lending your voice too.

What are you going to use yours for?


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