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on February 12, 2016

Sometimes I can look and look, and yet I still don’t see.

This happens to all of us in some ways – especially in my house. CableGuy will quite often spend ages looking for yoghurt in the fridge without actually seeing it, and the small people will wail about losing a toy when it’s sat looking at them from the shelf on which it has always had its home.

Looking is one thing, but seeing – really seeing – is a different one altogether.

I look at my friend carrying her son with cerebral palsy up the stairs for the thousandth time, but do I really see the pain she’s in every time she lifts him with an injured elbow? I look at my daughter crying because I won’t let her bring an empty cigarette box into the house from where she found it on the street, but do I actually see that what for me looks like rubbish is to her a dream house for a toy she cherishes? I look at TV sets and newspapers and think I grasp some of the depth of the refugee crisis in our world at the moment, but do I really see the pain in one mother’s eyes, knowing that she is alone with only one of her children still alive and a husband who will probably never be by her side?

My challenge – to you and me – is to look.

Really look, and See.


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