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Is it just me… or is the world on go-slow?

OK, so at the end of the day I have got myself into the habit of taking stock of my day, looking at how I’ve been through the day – moods, thoughts, energy – all that jazz.

This evening, because I’ve been feeling a bit jittery, I’ve made the effort to keep track of my thoughts. The following have all occurred:

Is my iron broken? It’s not getting the creases out as quickly!

I’m sure the SVU theme tune isn’t normally this slow….

is it too late to get a babysitter and go out? It’s only nine fifteen…

Perhaps I should also note at this point that typing on the touchscreen of my iPad isn’t working very well because I keep missing letters out. I’m sure I can’t normally type too fast for the tech to keep up…

So here’s my first question: Should I be worried?
And my second: If I’m self-aware enough to worry, surely I’m fine?

Interested in your thoughts, fellow bipolarites….

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